Hawaiian Alaias and Paipos Xylem Surfboards -Ride clean- There's no comparison in speed, glide or versatility. No joke

Hey, Josh here for Xylem surfboards. I specialize in making replicas of the ancient Hawaiian Alaias and Paipos from Paulownia and western red cedar. All boards are made to be surfed. No joke. There's no comparison in speed, glide or versatility.  I grew Xylem Surfboards on the Big Island of Hawaii and maintain a "grassroots" vibe from design all the way to final sale. See what's happening at Xylem. If you get the chance, stop by our website xylemsurfboards.com.

"Ride clean" is our motto. We live it. If you see a xylem board in the water, ask to try it. Likely, the owner will be glad to let you catch a few. That's the kind of customers we seek and that's how we roll here.