HD foam - BalsaComp - Building Class

Sounds good Less,

I will try to make it.

Keep me in the loop.


I am in for the video for 50!

Quite a few have been asking about the Cerritos College classes so here’s where to find out about it:


Last year they even had weekend seminars about surfboard building. Have fun, you know we’ll miss you SoCal guys!


Class/Demo is on!

Sat. Dec. 15th - 8am to 5pm or end of info (ha!)

LOcation - 425 Orange Ave., Sand City, Ca

Map - http://maps.google.com/


Les, what a great idea! I’d love to make it, but have a family plan / schedule conflict. Hopefully, there will be more than one. You do great work.

Les, this class sounds like a great idea, like the cerritos courses however the flight cost to come from the other side of the continent is a bit much for me. If you are making the video however I would gladly put up the course cost to get a copy. best of luck.


It’s on… I’ll pm all that have commited.

SurfBoard Construction Class/Demo

· Saturday, December 15th

· 8am to the end… hopefully by 5pm

· Coffee/Donuts in the morning and Pizza/soft drinks for lunch

· Cost - $50

* Location - 425 Orange Ave., Sand City, Ca 93955

*This is not a surfboard design class it is a construction class.

You will learn:

  1. How to cut, glue, set the rocker and tools to shape a Home Depot 1 pound foam blank.

  2. How to Vacuum Bag a balsa composite deck and bottom to the board.

  3. How to glue and shape cherrywood/balsa perimeter parabolic rails on the board.

There are many ways to construct a surf board… this is the way I have been making my Balsa Composite boards for the past four years.

To Register call: Doc Waddel – 1-800-871-7970 or pm.

Sounds like a great day to share some Sways knowledge. 

Also was stoked to hear that you were donating your profit back to Sways and Bert. Good on yah.



Also was stoked to hear that you were donating your profit back to Sways and Bert. Good on yah.

No kidding? I hadn’t heard that, that’s really great man.

Way classy move, giving back to the source, good on ya indeed!

Mate, donating all the profit to sways is such a great thing to do.

Well done!

Thanks for sharing too.

maybe better off donating it to the crochet club

or donate it to your pocket and then further donate it to the bartender and then the urinal

better yet

donate to me and i can use it to go and score some drugs

Hey Les,

Great class. You were right, the mind worked overtime on the 4 hour drive home thinking of the possibilities. Nice meeting all of those who attended. We have to get together again.

It was GREAT meeting you and all the other Sways. Robert got 7 hours of VId! I’ll condense it a bit (don’t worry I’ll leave all the good stuff in) hopefully down enough to get on one DVD and put it up here on Sway’s.


ps - I’ll get a few of ChrisP’s still pics on this thread maybe tomorrow for all of you that missed it… a little teaser!

Thanks for the great day Les!

Most of the time my friends think I am speaking surfboard-compsand gibberish.

Nice to meet people that are crazy like me.

Les put on a great show from 9am-5pm.

Nice big warehouse and four boards in different stages.

It was like watching Rachel Ray’s cooking show on TV.

Now after we put it in the bag for three hours it looks like this.

The most impressive thing was he got his wife to let him make four boards at once for the (‘‘class’’)

and she even got lunch for us.

Brilliant!! Why didn’t I think of this first.

Just kidding, Les is a great teacher and did a ton of prep for the class.

Hope I didn’t talk your ears off,

Ok! The class was GREAT! My nephew, Robert, took seven hours of vid! I’ve been reviewing/editing as I have time and there is a LOT of me himming/haaaing and walking around looking for the right tool. So, sorry Lee, I’ve been editing so it isn’t a bore but that you have an informative vid. IT will still end up being a two DVD set!

I have about half of it done and will try to get the rest finished by the first of the year.

I think the easiest way to get it out to all that would like it is to sell it here on Sways. That way Sways/Mike get a bit of the action also. So, after the first of the year check on the Sway’s Latest Ads on the left hand side of ‘HOME’ page.


the class was awsome, thanks Les!

it was really good meeting everybody.

Swayfolks are some of the best folks around i’ve learned.

i have to echo what Lavarat said it was like watching a Rachel Ray show

except Les isn’t nearly as cute as Rachel Ray. =)

it’s obvious that Les put in a ton of work prepping for the class.

i’m sure the video turned out great.

seeing the boards in various stages of construction really helped me to get

my mind around all of the things about compsand

construction that i have been reading about here on Sways. i’m excited to begin…

gotta start collecting tools and supplies.

Les, Robert (Les’ nephew), and i got some really fun waves the next morning as well.

over head rolling reef break lefts and rights… not much crowd… saw Les get a couple

big ones. i got a couple lefts that were probably 100 yards long… fun fun fun

i highly recommend attending the class to anyone who like me has been mind shaping

compsand boards and would like to fill in some of the blanks… if you can’t make the next

class, i’m sure the video is highly informative as well…

thanks again Les… see ya in the water