Heat gun to cure patch jobs in cold climate?

I was wondering if it's possible to be able to patch a ding and cure it with a heat gun?  I'm desperate to get my board back in action again and the only place that has good ventilation is my garage, which is not heated and in New England.  the only other place would to do it in my basement near the boiler, which I don't think is too safe.  Any tips would be awesome.


Yes it can be done.  Add catalyst mix well,apply to ding, carefully warm.  Take the resin to body temp. and you will be back in the water faster.  Do not over heat, or… 

heated blanket, wax paper?

Resin systems commonly used for surfboards are designed to harden with catalysts at temperatures  around 70 degrees.  Keep this in mind.  Now you you can add other promoters such as: DMA, and cobalt which will lower the curing temperature, but change the color of the resin, and if not used correctly will do more harm than good.  For a guy looking for a way to patch a ding in a cold environment without the aid of UV lighting, I mean the hobbiest which you are, and this means you, if your reading this, a heat gun, or a hair dryer, which is even safer is you best choice.  “Its not like it is going to the moon or something…”

I found some super glue gel epoxy and used some of that and I filled in the ding and it hardened.  It seems like a pretty solid fix.

I've cured plenty of cold weather patch jobs with the help of a simple desk lamp.  Just set it up and aim it at the ding repair.  Judge the distance with your hand... not too close, not too far.  Remember - heat rises. 

I can't really see standing there forever holding a heat gun.

      Howzit  John, We used those lights with the big round metal shade for gel repairs i the boats yards and we were outside and they worked just fne. If f superfan isn't used to  heat gun then the light or a hair dryer will do the job. It's all about evaporation and heat and humidity are what things to ponder. Aloha,Kokua

sweet, I have all three options.  My next issue is trying to marine epoxy two 7ft pine boards together to make my alaia blank.  I figure get those lights with the aluminum shades and situate them near the bond?

Like others I used an incubation heat lamp for ding repair in the winter, These days I use UV catalyst and either sunlight or a small UV bulb. Way quicker, more reliable and less electricity. Saves tons of resin too.