Hello I'm a fan and felt like sharing

Long time fan, long time rider. Figured I better join the online scene and build the stoke. Hope I can contribute.

I’ll start by sharing my current build with some of my favorite material

I hope you enjoy

Very nice!

I usually don’t comment on wood boards (hollow) since that’s not my thing.  I do however do a bit of woodworking myself and so I wanted to say that I was really impressed with the quality of your wood & joints.  Some of the guys that post on here with wood stuff could learn a bit by studying your pics.  I like your  use of the tight grain redwood (old cut?) and I also like the grain of the maple down the deck (if that’s maple, LOL).  I love quartersawn fleck but lengthwise it is very weak so your choice is appropriate.  3 different woods on the deck skin = Cool!  Please post pictures of the finished board and include the finished weight.  I see that you have done your fin “a-la-Roy” and am concerned if it will hold in a hard bottom turn!  Keep it up, I noticed the project in the background in the first pic, we need more builds/shape stuff on Sway’s and less pissing contests in my humble opine!  Just my 2c…                                                                        surfteach

Welcome and thanks for posting the pics.  I’m a foam guy, but love to look at wood.  Post more as you progress.  Lowel

Huck and McDing I thank you very much and can only say I have followed in the footsteps of others, I am not re-creating the wheel only loving the roll. This is a pleasure to be able to do and I hope to be around for a long time. Posting more photos tonight.

Surfteach, again thank you and yes on the maple, it was off the shelf. Deck is old growth wester red cedar taken from a local heritage home renovation job, it was lathe for about 80 years before I got my hands on it so some flaws are built in rather than cut out. The rails and bottom skin are of “resuced” fencing material but still red cedar. Nose block is maple/teak, Tail is balsa/teak. Teak was slavaged from an old boat about to be demolished. The fin was just stuck in the groove for photo op, It will be glassed in and on and I will use some glass to “gusset” it for some added strength, I promise to ride it hard in tofino in about 2 weeks to see how it holds up. 

As for the other projects… stay tuned. I’m having fun.  

Hand made leash anchor with teak and balsa trim to cover screws that secure it to main spar. Vent plug, I trim the “handle” off and cut a groove to get an almost flush mount finish, regardless of gortex or a screw in they all require a touch after each ride. I prefer knowing at a glance that my vent is working and having it right in my face while paddeling reminds me to use it. For those interested I have photos of the leash plug assembly. 




The weigh in, on track for final weight of 19 to 20lbs

Currently tipping the scale at 13lbs I expect to add the rest in glass and resin, if over target weight I will turn it into dust with sandpaper. I will update over the weekend



Wow.  Superior craftsmanship.  Can’t wait to hear how it goes.


Very nice.t he fit n finish is great…but you ability to make real surfboard rails is pretty good.   Lots of time you see wooden boards that look great, but they won’t function well because of tons of design flaws. Your design looks pretty good!   Keep it up!

Thank you gentlemen I am flattered

But I am only making copys of a copy of a copy. If my boards are different from others (and I dont think they really are) it is only because I have blended various things from those that came before me and tweaked for what I like to feel. 

To list the names of those I follow would take more time than I have and my chicken pecking typing style allows. I like to imagine that those I flatter with imitation can see thier work embedded in mine. 

More to come.

Surfteach, here’s a new hint on the project in the back, it will get its own thread soon, the hollow shaft and rough blade to be glassed tonight should give it away. More pics of the ebony and ivory board tonight.