Help a Rookie

Hey all,

So I’m going to start this off by saying this is a long story but bare with me.  I did hear a wise man’s post back in september-ish about “time’s up, pencils down” and I didn’t listen.  Now I’m potentially going to pay for it…Literally.  I need your help!

The short version - I shaped my first solo-ish board that is now waiting to be glassed in Mechanicsburg, PA.  I’ve never glassed a board solo and now we’re crunched for time and have to move out of the house (we own it).  BTW this was intended to be my father’s 69th birthday present in April.


Once a board is shaped is there any possible way to move it without damaging it? or Do I have to glass it?

Long Version: I LIVED in Mechanicsburg, PA up until the week of Christmas.  At which point I moved to Cape Charles, VA for a new job.  Back in October (when I wasn’t even remotely close to contemplating a move or job change) I bought a 9’9 blank to make my first solo home build (9’6" x 3 x 22).  I shaped it in my garage with the help of my neices boyfriend (he has shaped multiple boards before).  They have sionce broken up and he’s not really responding to requests for help.  So now the board has been shaped and is sitting in my garage along with all my tools.  Meanwhile, I am 5 hours away in Cape Charles, VA.  Did I mention the blank cost $150, was intended to be a present for my father’s 69th birthday, I already cut 3 inches of the tail off to make a wooden tailblock (my first one of those too), and I was planning on making it a solid cherry red top and bottom with a black pinline?  Oh and also, we have put the house up for rent and the first showing is this Saturday!

Man, when I create a mess I do it up right, huh?

So for those who are still with me I’ll repeat the questions:

Once a board is shaped is there any possible way to move it without damaging it? or Do I have to glass it?

Thank you soooooo much for all your help and wisdom over the years.


you might want to be more clear about " move it around"

if your just going to put it in another room then sure, just be sure to be carefull and have clean hands

if you think you can use some tie downs and strap it to the to of a car then no

sorry for being unclear -

i’m talking about moving it to Cape Charles, VA?  My parents have a Suburban that I can put it inside.  I’m willing to wrap this thing in baby’s bottoms’ if I have to.

Plus I have all the glassing supplies, pigments, additive F, the pieces for the wooden tailblock are even glued together (not shaped to fit or glued on yet).  There is also a storage place in town where I could finish the board.

If it has been touched by unclean hands what can i do about that?


then it should not be too much of an issue

just be extra carfull with the board

it would be best to have the blank in a plastic bag then wrap it with padding of some sort and make sure the board is secure so when you go to a stop sign the board does not fly forward and get a ding

while shaping and glassing you do not want to have dirty hands on the board, they will leave marks on the boardand cause contaminations issues later down the line

so a box of rubber gloves comes in real handy

how to clean it up? - well that all depends on what you did to it

if there are some finger prints on the blank  just litely sand down and blow off with compressor

basically i and a few others have touched it without gloved hands.  it’s not like there are visible stains, fingerprints, motor oil, etc.??? thoughts?

Lots of bubble wrap, then put it in a box of suitable size. Just make sure that when you put it in the behemoth, oops… I mean Suburban, you don’t stack anything on top of it.


Buy one of thosesoft foam mattress pillowtops and bundle it up.Plus you can use it on your bed.

I buy various types of sheet foam from this vendor. Anyone who needs packing foam should check them out.

SD, Sammy,

your wisdom is much appreciated.  I have just such an egg crate pillow top on one of our beds now.  this will go around the board…after it’s been bagged in a uhaul mattress bag. and probably put in a makeshift cardboard “box”.

Any advice on cleaning it? if i don’t i could get fish eyes correct?

Best advice on cleaning already given - light sand and blow off. Fish eyes can be an issue on hot coat or gloss coat, not on the lam coat. IMO if you get fish eyes when glassing you’re using way too much resin, lol.

Pack it well, be careful handling, and don’t stress too much about it.

When I stopped glassing I’d still bring my shaped blanks to a glass shop, as have many others. In my case, that meant stacking several shaped blanks per week in my van and driving about 45 minutes away. I had made up some bubble-wrap bags with a couple of layers and duct tape - never had a real issue unless I handled it poorly like a dummy.

Ultra light sand if needed, blow it off with the compressor, and you’re good to go.