Help/advice on value of a plastic fantastic

I’ve got a line on a 70’s Plastic Fantastic.  I haven’t seen the board yet so It could be perfect or a POS.  Could anybody tell be what to offer if it’s in good shape?  

Oops, forgot to mention, it’s 7ftish thick.  Thats all I got.


I suppose it depends on the level of  your ‘‘desire to posess.’’          What’s driving your interest in the board?     I was never impressed by those boards, back in the day.       That said, I think they had one of the best, if not the best, logo’s of that time period.      If it’s not too beat up, it might be worth a few hundred dollars.

A picture would have helped evaluate what such a board would be worth.  Not usually much demand for that paticular brand.  There are a couple of guys who post on here that know a bit about PF.  Most of the time when you see one they are pretty beat, faded or sunburnt.  $100-300 at most.

Three things determine value on an old board. Condition, shaper, and rarity. 300 is about the upper end for a typical off-the-rack Plastic with no other redeeming features and in near new condition. Waste of time without pics, though.


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Oh that Jeff Hackman and that Jock guy too .

Fark dat label  :-)  Nothing there .