Help black paint!

what is the best way to keep my board from crystalizing. I have already painted the whole board black with surf source water based paint. Is there any preping i can do to stop this re action before i glass the board?

let the paint dry completly before glassing, a couple days at room temp should do it provided the paint isn’t too thick. A clear coat of futures acrylic floor polish will help too (not to heavy). Can’t confirm if thats all thats needed as I have no experience with that brand of paint

You can also seal the blank with hot lam resin right before glassing. We usually just

keep the lamination really wet by applying a cherry coat right after doing the regular lam.

When you spray the black, reduce it using clear acrylic like Future floor wax instead of water.

Howzit PlusOne, Sealing the paint with lam resin will do the trick, just make sure you get enough resin on it or it will still crystallize. Unfortunately this technique adds weight to the board but not that much. I do it on paint jobs where I’ve sprayed black over red for emphasis. Black over red is possibly the worst color combo to deal with when it comes to crystallizaton.Aloha,Kokua

Thought i’d jump into this thread quickly to say a big CHEERS! to Kokua for all his past threads regarding paint work…

Theres a man who knows his stuff!

Check the archives for things about paint that he’s written, you could probably bind it into a book.

The answer to almost every problem is those threads.

Thanks mate, your posts are so accurate it’s not funny.

So much help.


i decided to sand off the black, sounds like too many issues! I just went with about a 4" blue stripe lengthwise and pinlined it with black looks so much better!

I have to agree with you also kokua is the man he knows his stuff you can pretty much always count on his advice-thanks for the help-joshmjosh