HELP dimensions

Hello everybody,

Please, HELP ME with the rocker, for board as described below !!!

Nose rocker : ?? Inch

1 Ft from Nose: ??

2 Ft from Nose: ??

Tail rocker: ??

1 Ft from Tail: ??

1 Ft from Tail: ??

To be surfed on 4-8 feet average to good waves. 2+1 Board for a good surfer 10+years. Surfed: aggressively, more on back of board than on front…

Length: 8.0 Width: 20.25” Max Width @ Centre Thickness: 2.60” Tail: Rounded Pin

Nose: Pulled in Nose W 1Ft off Nose: 12.80” W 2 Ft off N: 18” W 1 Ft off Tail: 13.85”

W 2 Ft off Tail: 16.80”

Rails are soft overall harder toward tail Radius throughout. Fuller, boxier rails, flatter deck.

Thanks for replying !!

Wouter @ biarritz

i think i would put maybe 4 inches of nose rocker and have it pretty relaxed and maybe 2 1/2 in the tail. i really kind of eyeball the rocker until i feel it looks right. i have a basic concept in my head and then i start going from there. little by little until i feel that the rocker is just right


with the highest point at wide point? what do you mean: relaxed ??

Thanks, Wouter

keeping the rocker very gradual not having it really pick up through the last little bit of the nose. a longboard and funshapes have a more more relaxed rocker compared to that of a shortboard. you really have to ask yourself what kind of waves i am going to be ridding. a board with a little more nose rocker will perles , or what ever the word is when the nose digs. also a board with a little more tail rocker will catch waves a little bit easier.

when deciding nose and tail rocker theres about 10,000 things to consider. a lot of times i look at boards that are comporable to what i am building and really go from there

Nose rocker : ?? Inch 7 1/4

1 Ft from Nose: ?? 2 13/16

2 Ft from Nose: ?? 1 1/8

Tail rocker: ?? 2 1/2

1 Ft from Tail: ?? 1 1/4

2 Ft from Tail: ?? 7/16

heres a comparison between one of my favourite performance 8’ to the dimensions you mentioned …

because mine was a comp 8’ , it had to be 15" wide at the 12" mark at nose so i was bound by nose width …

your nose looks sweet , but i would be inclined to put some more outline curve in the tail if you want it to hook in the pocket , go 3 fins as well …

in 4 to 8’ waves you should have plenty of punch , plus if your riding on the tail you can lift the nose out of the water so it doesnt get in the way , so a healthy nose lift will help …

run out of time for more details even tho i could elaborate way more …



Thanks Bert, I find you are a lovely person.

Regards, Wouter