Help! Ever heard of Del Rey Surf Shop or Hollinger?

I found an ancient longboard at a garage sale this morning and wonder if it’s worth picking up. I posted pictures of it here: with more details. Click on the pics to enlarge. Any help ID-ing this board would be appreciated. Also check out the twin I did take for two bucks.

the Del Rey board was by Kimo Hollinger (famous name heh?) who surfed in Playa Del Rey, Hubbyland, 60’s…the South Bay area of Los Angeles. This was before my time. Maybe someone could do better?

the twin fin kneeboard : Pure Fun was by Hank Byzak , owner of the Pure Fun Shop in Luecadia.

those two were easy got any more?

Hal, it was probably too late by the time you posted anyway, but I ran the pics by two different industry people and neither were familiar with the surf shop or the shaper name. I thought maybe Kimo Hollinger when I saw it. So anyway, one person who looked at it said it was too much at $125 but offer half. So I went back thinking it might be a steal or at the very least an interesting board to pick up and study the outline, rails, etc. When I got back it was GONE. Three neighbors had called their friends and the first guy who showed up paid him $125. Oh well, gotta act quick in the yard sale game! On the twin fin I know of Byzak because I’m in North County, it was a no brainer for the fins alone.

As a consolation I picked up a sweet big plastic tug boat sandbox for my 3 yr old son, he’ll love it way more than the board (until it’s time to fund college).

…I’ve met a few ‘shapers’ that the sand box would probably work better than their ‘creations’…:slight_smile: DS