HELP! Gummy Gloss!

Apparently something is wrong with my gloss resin. It looks like it may be short on wax or it did not all rise (It was not shot too hot, and was done in a controlled environment at 70 degrees). You can see wax in the surface rather than the normal clear of a gloss coat, and the 320 waxed right up. I went down to 220 and after three sheets it is starting to smooth out. The problem is I have detailed acrylic artwork under the gloss and I cannot touch that. Am I on the right track by going with 220 until it smooths out, then up through the grits to 600 and polish? What are the chances of going through the gloss? Please help me out. Thank you very much in advance!

This may not be the best method, but it has worked for me on spots of gummy gloss. Wet out a rag with acetone and gently wipe the tacky spots a couple of times. Let it dry for an hour or so before trying to sand. Don’t get it to wet or rub to hard or you may remove the entire gloss and the graphics below. Test on a small spot first. If it doesn’t work for you or you don’t want to risk it, try using the “subject” space to address your question to one of the expert glassers who frequent this site. Good luck.Patrick

Howzit Bells,since you’re worried about you art work getting damaged you might consider reglossing. Try remixing you gloss resin ( I give mine some good shaking ),some of the heavier chemicals settle in the can if it sits around too long(in the store or your shop),this might help.Do a test to see if it makes a difference. Aloha, Kokua

Thanks for the help guys, it ended up turning out pretty well after polishing. Thanks for the responses!

Howzit Bells, Glad to hear your gloss came out fine, as for misterart they don’t carry the 6mm zig pens but thanks for trying. Aloha, Kokua

No problem Kokua. Thanks again for all the help you provide, and good luck on your search! Aloha- Bells

yea we have had that problem one time. our reason was because we did the gloss couat before we left, and that night it got a lil chilly in the glass room. so i guess the stuff never gelled right. Waited 3 days even but in sanding was gummy. It was very annoying… gave up and ended up just surfing itfor a while … then did a 220 sand … and it was actually cured… who woulda thought.