HELP: Hap Jacobs (Surfboard) Rehab


Hi There,


Above is a link to a photo album that has pictures of a poorly repaired (before I took ownership of it) 9’2 Hap Jacobs.  I don’t know what model it is or anything but I fell in love with it when I bought it out in Santa Ana and surfed it in San O for a week. 


There was some major de-lam on the bottom of the nose that I had tried to repair before by just injecting resin.  That lasted about a year.  Now I decided to remove the de-lam and just put down a new layer of glass and sanding coat. Upon my exposing the area I found that under one of the prior repairs was a bunch of broken foam.  How should I go about repairing this? Should I use 2lb. density pour foam to fill in the area? 


What I was going to do was cut the glass off to the rail and make a “dish” type area that I could use as a mold to hold the pour foam. Scrape the deteriorated foam off, apply the pour foam, then I would sand down the top of the rail so when I put a new layer of glass/ sanding resin it would match up. 


Would this work? In what order should a lay the glass down? I have very little glassing experience so any tips and techniques I am very open to.  This board rides so well so I really would like to bring it back to life again.


The other picture is a rail ding that I am working on too.


Thanks so much for any help!!!

I thought this thread was personally about Hap Jacbos.

Guess not, the title is misleading.

That is indeed a Jacobs Surfboard.


Did not mean to mislead anyone with the title. I figured I would come on Swaylocks to talk about a surfboard repair issue, not Hap Jacobs’ health.

Thanks for pointing out where there needed to be clarification

The pictures are so small it’s damn near impossible to tell what’s up.