Help ID'ing an old board

I picked up this board for free recently and I’ve been patching it up and trying to get it into somewhat decent shape. Does anyone know the approximate vintage based on the look/shape? It’s about 7’ x 21.5" x 3" and the name/logo is Pronler with three dolphins in a circle.

Thanks for any help.

I used to see similar shapes and fins just prior to the thruster...1978-1980-ish is my best recollection, give or take a bit.

it's a les proiner.

les was/is a great influence on my surfboard concepts/building,when i was a young adult/teen.

the board was built probably in the latter mid 70s.

les lives somewhere in hb,and his son skip makes world champion skateboards,literally.


Thanks for the replies Nels and Herb. That’s cool that the board stayed in this area all that time. I’m going to clean it up and see how it rides. I’ve never ridden an older style board like that so I’m looking forward to see how it feels.

Except for a few dings, it’s in surprisingly good shape.

should work well for you.................a magic board !



Nice looking board, reminds me of some of Bill Casters boards from The mid 1970's.

nice to see those 

amphibian eyes 

above water

merry … herbie


Finally got to ride it today. Lots of fun - easy to paddle, really loose and felt fast despite the small conditions. It should do much better in a larger swell. The more I ride a single fin the more I like them.