Help Jon E.B. out

Hello everyone

so here’s the deal

Jon EB, a local SUP surfer here in florida, was invited to the 2010
Stand Up World Tour

the contest is in hawaii and needs a bit of cash to help him get out there

he has no sponsors, he has no one to really help him out except for me

and one other person. Stu Sharpe is making him a board and i created
the website for him for free as well as put a photo gallery up online at

lets get together to help out one person be the next kelly slater of SUP’s

if $5 bucks won’t break your bank, it will help one guy go very far!

to all of the business heads out there, if your company wants to help

sponsor Jon EB, please send an email to

thanks again



you can see bigger pictures at

i will be updating the site here in the coming hours… i just need to sleep
some of this turkey off so i can code and not be half asleep

we are thankful for your support and if you could meet Jon EB, you would see
how stoked he is… we’re all stoked :slight_smile:


that’s really funny bigrick!

My current situation is such that I have no funds to spare. However, should someone ask for donations to send all SUPers to hell (one way) I might be able to scrape some $$ up.

No No send me to Hawaii on vacation!!!

Send me to the moon.

I’m saving up for a trip in space.

Its $200,000, donors can expect color photographs of my journey signed.

Maybe you could reconsider some of that money that normally goes to the Salvation Army

tsunami relief, haiti earthquake victims or homeless centers and help me out with my dream.

My parents told me to get a job, but their heart certainly isnt in the right place.

I really need it.

Send me to the moon.




awesome sammy.

i take that as a no…

well, its worth a shot

donate if you can, and if you don’t want to, then no worries

just trying to help a good surfer out…

its not like im asking for you to buy him a car or pay for a vacation
so he can go screw around. its for a surf contest and had he not
part of unemployed america because of company downsizing, he
would have no problem just paying his own way out.

dude, im just trying to be an honest friend and help a brother out.

we all have helped someone out whether it be a kid raising money
to get them into the marching bands big event or someone that
needed some donations to help them gain sponsorship for a triathalon

Jon E.B. needs our help to get him entered into this surf contest and
thats it. i hope that i will see our surfing community get together and
help be a part of something great!

thanks for your time

Surf contest + SUP = 2 strikes.

Hi Rick,

Your friend surfs really well and it must be an honor to be invited to a contest  in Hawaii.  What are you doing to raise money within your own surf community?  Perhaps you could organize a big BBQ/party with live music.  Get local merchants to donate, sell at cost, or at a reduced rate the supplies. Or,a surf flick and raffle off the usual items.  One of the surf shop owners did this for a local guy who needed brain surgery. In general, I don’t give money to names on the Internet.  Even 5 bucks.  Personally, if I was unemployed, I wouldn’t be thinking of a contest in Hawaii.  I would  be trying to find work.  Good luck to your friend.  I hope he makes it and kicks ass. Mike


{ Yes you are!..  This thread is awesome,quite funny!!

The guy
needs to get off his SUP, and go look for another job…I’d love to ride
tropical waves on someone elses dime, but I know what reality is…



  Well you’d better get out your cheque book “friend”…}

SUPs that rip - that’s some serious self-delusion.  South Park did a bit on this mentality:


i have already thought about doing a car wash or something smaller to help him out…
i just need to find out how where i can hold one in such short notice

i am going to donate $50 once i get back to the office on monday.

Jon E.B. has been looking for a job since he was let go not too long ago

i have been talking to him a lot since i came up with this idea to help
him get out there and there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t go
job hunting out in brevard county.

the bad thing is, is that jobs are pretty limited in brevard county
and him and his wife look every day for a new job for jon.

im even helping out… i did for another friend of mine when he needed a job
and i will for jon the same way. 

well, back on the grid to help out my friend

once again, if you can help out, cool, if not, no worries. we got nothing against ya
as we do understand that:
“give money to someone you don’t know so they can go to hawaii and surf”
comes off a bit… crazy?


Some very depressing responses here.

I wonder if it’s OK to buy Girl Scout cookies?

You guys are Harsh.  Startin' to sound like the local Californians in Oregon.  Everbody is either un or under-employed these days.  Which means I even say No to the Girl Scouts.  I even say no to the Vultures and Trolls in the parking lot at Walmart when I leave there with my $1.00 cheeseburger and sweet tea from Mickey D's.  Sorry Bro------- the answer is No.

Wow … No TagAlongs?!

Hard times for sure.

for real… i do understand what its like to be in the slums…

shit, i was shot and almost killed… only thing that kept me alive were my two
index fingers that i stuck into my leg to stop the bleeding. from there, i lost both
of my jobs that i worked really hard to get a few months prior…
$100,000/ year gone bye bye…

flat broke and asking my parents for money. bills piled up and i couldn’t figure out
what the hell to do.

it sucked

started working for myself since my bosses found me useless (vehicle wrapping/graphic designer)
and when i needed help, people came my way… i didn’t know that these people would
help out at all. and i was so thankful.

i try to help out people that need it. this is one of the ways that i am helping out.

i talked with Jon E.B. and he assured me that he would refund all the money that was donated so far
to everyone that helped out if everything falls through.

so its not like we are going to take the money and run.

all we ask for is your support.

i hope this can come true and we can see the under dog take everyone out

have a good day

Just by looking at your one video by hawaii standers of SUP surfing  Jon EB would rait as an intermediat Sup surfer at best . Sorry !

that video is over three years old. its just the only thing that i could upload to show you

surfing style and technique changes over time with experience

we all know that

im excited to see where this goes… if we didn’t believe in the underdogs, then
swaylocks wouldn’t be what it is today when it comes to shapers having their input
on surfboards, we wouldn’t have some of the shapes that we have right now, we
wouldn’t have a lot of what was once a hidden gem become mainstream for all of
you to enjoy.

just remember that. is doing its thing and i want to say that we have had some awesome
supporters so far, we have had some people donate some supplies, and i want to say
that there might be some big dogs coming through and helping out.

but none of that is written in stone and can not be 100% confirmed

those of you that see a positive outlook with this site and for Jon E.B., Thank you!

those that are sending positive vibes and are having positive thoughts, Thank you!

and those of you that poke fun, have nothing nice to say, or think that this is a joke, Thank you!
you just fueling the fire and the desire to want to come through and dominate in the contest
if and when he gets out there!

Email Jon E.B. at

jon e bump