Help! Lam resin and catalyst

Just wondering how much lam resin and catalyst I should use on my 8’board using two 6oz cloth and temperature between 70 and 75 degs. I already screwed up the lam on the bottom, it never seemed to dry. It still is tacky and it has been 5 days. Possibly due to humidity? The humidity is gone now, so hopefully I can lam the top with no problems. Thanks for the help all!

You probably want to use 1.5 quarts with 15cc of catalyst (1%) at that temperature. Laminating resin is designed to stay tacky so that you can laminate the next layer onto it and get a chemical bond without having to sand in between coats. The last layer you applied should be tacky to the touch but should not be soft or liquidy. To get it to cure tack free you will need to apply the sanding coat, or hot coat, with surface agent in it. This will make it cure tack free and also make it sandable. Matthew

In the future you may want to consider using Suncure resin or adding suncure catalyst. Do your lam and then walk your board outside and bingo!

it might not be “sun cure” but if your board hasn’t kicked just yet, set it on a rack in direct sunlight for a little while. the heat may help you. you could just jet a hot batch of laminating resin over it, just squeegee it in and take most of it off, should kick the old stuff. good luck!