Help! Laminated bottom now...

I just finished laminating the bottom of my board. My problem is that some resin accumulated on my deck which has been airbrushed. The resin is still tacky on the deck (knobs)and I cannot sand it off. Will this laminating resin every dry completely, I always thought it would stay tacky. Anyways what should I do? Is there any trick to get the resin to dry? Thanks for the help!

Hmmm that is a sticky sticky situation… heh. Your problem depends on how much resin has accumulated on the deck. I it is not much just lam the deck and worry about it when you sand the board, if it is alot, what you need to do is go and get a really coarse rasp/file. Lam resin is actully dry after it goes off, the reason it is tacky is because it does not have any wax (sanding agent) in it. With your rasp/file you can gently file the excess off, but you don’t want to go as far as filing off the paint you just want to take the bumps off, so that you can lam the deck. The problem is that if you are not careful you can tear the resin off the board and take the paint with it… so be gentle! -Carl

I’ve tried to remove drips like that and they broke off taking little chunks of foam. Maybe a high speed tool like Dremel with a sanding disc would take 'em down before next lamination?

You can paint a coat of lam resin over the whole lap line (if this is where the lumps are) let it cure overnight and then come back and sand or file the bumps down.This may save your airbrush.Normally I use a small air disc sander to knock the bumps down.No worry,its a commom problem. R.B.

i use a small angle grinder with 50 grit discs. is it best to keep it at a slower rpm, or fast?? what’s best to keep discolorization to a minimum?

cleanlines you are right…you can paint the laps with resin,but don’t shoot it to hot or you can heat up the foam and change the color of the laplines airbrush…when you lam. the deck flood the rails so when you sand the board you will have less chance of sanding thru.the cloth…if you do sand thru the cloth,stop and lam a strip of cloth alone the rail,hotcoat it and finish sanding the board…no problem…good luck ET