Help me design my 9'6 noserider!

I saved some money and sold some stuff, now I'm making a 9'6 noserider. So far I've got these 3 templates from aku shaper:[1][2][3]

Which one will be best for nose riding in crappy conditions. One of my two main spots closes out very quickly but the waves build up slowly, the other has waves that build up real quick but give you a bit of a chance to ride. I'm going to do a fin box with a fin like this I'm also 115lbs and 5'10 so I don't need tons of volume but I prefer it.


Thank you everyone! 

9’6" Nuuhiwa if yu like long strools across that deck 9’0’’ If you want to keep That old time long board feel. 8’6" or 8’ would be sweet for a feather wieght like you.  

 Think about a revived modren Con Ugly for the short nose rider. 

 Of your designs I like # 3 But it is not a nose rider. 

115 Lbs, wow.


I weigh 100 lbs more than you, and my traditional 9’7" LB has about the same or less volume as those.


I like the outline of noserider 1 the most of the 3 for the more parallel rails and the fuller nose, but it is about your personal preference.

i would choose none of the above for a noserider,  can you get a flatter blank with bit later tailkick with more parellel outline i would sugest for someone your size 9-6  at 22-1/2 at 2-3/4 nose 19 tail 16 low tucked rails 50/50 no edges thin tail rails broomstick handle nose rails, remember outline more parellel the better dont worry about looking weird for twenty years ive been trying to make longboards look good biggest mistake ever the really straght ugly looking ones go heaps better, sorry starting to rant now hope this helps cheers ra.


The “sure shot” noserider for crappy waves or even good ones, to my mind, is nothing will work as good as the Nuuhiwa noserider as produced by Bing. I’ve attached some photos, just love the mush burger at Malibu! Oh and the Brewer “Pipeliner”.

This board was very popular and should be EZ to get more info, if I had any more info I would give it up. Just not my gig, just offering advice based on my experience and retrospective review.

A 9'-6" for a "flea weight? Your gonna log some serious tip time! Aloha>


I thought I was skinny!!!
I am also 5’10" and weigh about 145-150. My noserider is 8’0".
I agree that a replica of the Bing Nuuhiwa noserider would be a good choice. A proven design and very forgiving. Though, I’d suggest going with a 9’0" so you can turn it without too much effort.

This one works:

Like everybody is saying: flat rocker with kicked tail and parallel 50-50 rails.  Add to that: large-area upright fin template, wide square tail and nose concave.


"I saved some money and sold some stuff, now I'm making a 9'6 noserider. "


Me too.................ditch the links. Study the blank catalogs.

yes thats what i was trying to say