Help me figure out a decent SUP

I started paddle boarding last Summer here in CO. I had rented a Rouge and loved it. I tried an inflatable this last weekend and hated it. I was looking at Isle but soon read all the reviews and comments here and decided to keep searching. I’m 5’4 and weigh 145. I want a 10-11 foot board. I went into a shop here locally and was totally being pushed into his most expensive boards. I don’t want the cheapest, but I don’t want to break the bank either. I’m looking to spend no more than $1000. I’m fine with used too. What boards do you all recommend? I will only be using it to paddle around lakes - nothing more :slight_smile:

Isn’t there a SUP forum somewhere on the web?

dont over-thinkit.

Useful reponses…

More of the Sways Spirit?

Lot’s of folks who surf are anti-SUP.

That said, I don’t think many surfers are anti lake SUPing.

Mako’s comment is probably a good one. There might be some folks here on Sways who can help you out but I am sure you would find MUCH more helpful info from a dedicated SUP forum… If on the other hand, you wanted to build one, you came to the right place for info… Just depends on what you are after.

Regarding the inflatable SUP thing, I imagine one of those would suck because it’d be all noodly. Something in a standard type build would be much better in my inexperienced opinion.

SUP threads are usually short-lived on Sways.  You'd be time ahead to start with a more SUP specific site like and look in General Discussion, Gear, or Flatwater/Touring
Demo as many as you can before committing. Second and third sessions feel different than the first.

If you liked the Rogue, they have a clearance section:!direct-sale-used/c12p5

Good advice.

This is primarily a board building Forum, but if you are not going that route and most SUPs are mass made anyway;  I would check out SUP ATX or Riviera.  ATX has complete packages and a wide variety of designs for Ocean, race and flat-water.  Reasonable quality, low price and free shipping.   Package includes board, paddle, bag, leash, fin and deck pad.  Hard to beat.  I have No connection to either company.  Just stating the obvious.   Damned good deal.  Especially if you are not near any large shops.  Lowel

I live on The Gulf and do a fair bit of time on a SUP. If you are not going to surf or use it in river rapids Then I might suggest something like the Riviera Voyager great displacment hull like a race board but wider. Makes very good fishing platform and has good speed for a wide board. I have tested a fair unmber of the popular boards. Voyager was my tops for a touring board.  

This was shockingly civil.  What’s going on here? :slight_smile:

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Ha!  You’re sounding like  Kasick with the civility stuff.  Lowel

Aside from the overall design, which you have apparently figured out, contruction technology should be your next area of focus.  It’s hard to beat the Riviera models which have a bamboo or wood veneer sandwich composite skin, carbon deck patch, and Kevlar rails - check the specs in the catalog link below.  Assuming they are actually manufactured to the stated specs, this sort of thing is hard to beat for the money.  

Regardless of make/model, if the shop person or online chat can’t answer questions regarding construction technology, it’s likely a basic epoxy resin/fiberglass shell without any of the above mentioned reinforcement stuff. 

Although I’ve made a couple of SUPs from scratch, after a delamination blow out of a board I had covered in carbon fiber, I researched and bought a Riviera “Original” model from a local shop for my girlfriend.  With tax, it came to right about $1,000 without paddle.  If you are buying online, be on the lookout for ‘free shipping’ - shipping costs can be a factor otherwise.

I’m not saying that Riviera is the most bad-ass brand out there… it just seemed like a pretty good deal based on what I know about construction and materials. I bought the board mentioned about one year ago.  Not sure if prices are the same.


Call Larson’s ski and sport (70 & kipling) and find out when they are having another swap meet. They have a few every year. While the stuff inside is pricey, there can be some good deals in the parking lot. Last time I was there, they were selling a new Bark/Hamilton 14’ for “only” $1300 vs $2500