Help me identify this board!

Hey all,

I was pointed over this way from another surf forum. I pulled this out of my grandfathers attic a while back and I’m trying to find the history and what I should do with it (eg. surf it, hang it on wall, sell it)




Pray for surf, surf sacrifice it.

Hmmm - looks like a mid 80s - early 90s Hobie tri-fin. Simon Anderson developed the thruster in 1980 and virtually every manufacturer (including Hobie) was on board by the mid 80s. Yours looks to be pretty thick and with the paint job seems fairly typical of that period.

Al Merrick and Kelly Slater pushed the hyper-thin/hyper-rockered boards in the next phase of thruster development and things have gone from “flip tip” to “relaxed rocker” and back again as “new” designs were introduced each season.

Since that little cycle got old, retro designs have been brought back into play. Split tail fish, wings and even single fin hybrids and longboards have been re-introduced in attempts to keep things fresh.

IMO, patch the dings and ride it. Overall, things really haven’t changed a great deal since then. It should go pretty good as a daily rider and it’s retro enough to have some sort of “cool” factor as an added plus.

garage sale it

You just want to buy it!

no thats a hobie alter hand shape clark secret formula foam with high end airbrush gloss and polish. this was a highly sought after model coming out of dana point

I dont know if I would go along with youse guys on this hobie I.D.

ist hobie spelled

H U B i

this looks like some kinda chinese copy.

them counterfitters usually spell stuff wrong.

better call hobie

they wrte everything down.

otherwise look for danny brawner

I think he’s in charge of remembering everything Hobie.

no number? that would narrow the search.

sometimes they can tell you the shaper and everything.

gosh when it says hobie on it

what can ya do?