help, my fins are loose

any solutions to fix my loose fin boxes? they are the removeable futures fins. I’ve tried adding duck tape to the base of the fins before putting them in but they still feel a bit loose.

I had a loose LB fin in a FU* box (*fins unlimited that is), I used sticky bumps paper to hold it in. When the paper would get ugly and rotten, I’d replace it.

Although now I would probably use a coat of resin (set fast an hot) and maybe light 2oz cloth (if its a wide gap), then sand down to a snug fit.

I had the futures 467 and I needed to sand them down to fit in the boxes. Sucks.

I heard that futures makes two different sized fin box and finbox sets . . . I dunno if that’s true or not, all futures I’ve bought fit in the fin boxes snugly or requiring some sanding to slide in


Do a search for “fin wobble” and you’ll see some solutions. The thread was about traditional center fins, but the solutions should work for you. My preferred method is with newspaper - it’s idiot-proof and replacable.


thank you

McDonald’s straws work well…

You’ll want to shim them with whatever material you have that is thin enough and resists compression. Mylar tape is a good way to go if you keep it smooth.

…the only professional solution is :1. sand the tab and add resin in each side. check and slightly sand finish…

or 2. if the loose is “big”, sand the tab and add a 2oz or 4oz (depend dee case) with resin in each side…check, sand finish