Help on Future Fin install...

I am building a board for a guy who specifically wants future fin boxes installed.  It’s a 5’8 mini-simmons shape, quad setup.  I have the placement marked already, but don’t have the Future router kit - and I am on a student budget, so won’t be purchasing it any time soon.

Wondering if any friendly swaylockians in or around the Orange County area (I’m in Costa Mesa) - who have the future fin install jig and router - wouldn’t mind a trade or possible $$ to help me get this thing routed out.  I have the plugs and am capable of the install myself - just need router help.  I have’t reached out to Pureglass or FoamEz yet because I’m new to the area and wouldn’t mind the chance to meet other sways people.

I can trade 4oz and 6oz E cloth, or a fancy bottle opener made from a wine barrel stay!

Thanks yall!


Sean If you can make it up to Anaheim Ill route them for you. NBD

I would go see Roger Baltierra on 16th St. near Placentia Ave in Costa Mesa. He can help you out and is a fantastic craftsman and shaper, but his jokes well,

Thanks Acqua and Ghettorat!  I’ll be trying to get in touch with you tomorrow, Acqua.  Baltierra is less than a mile from me!  Thanks for the tip!  

Hey Scout-

We route all fin systems for $5.00 per box (two X2 plugs).  Best to call first but basically do it while you wait.  Let us know if we can help, we are less than ten mins from you.  If you find another option at least stop in the shop to check us out since your new to the area.

Best of luck and hope to see you soon.


Hey Brad/FoamEz, I was able to get some help today.  Thank you for the offer!  Fin boxes set now, will start glassing tomorrow. Woo!