Help Taping/design - airbrushing blank

Hi, want to spray the rails on next board like the one here w  black rails and don’t know how to get a smooth tapered and symmetrical line to tape. I’d image whatever technique can also be used to do the curves outline in the other photo.


Could someone please let me know how to do that. Thank you.




Narrow tape pulls a curved line easier.  I used to buy 1/2" when it was easier to find.  1" pulls decent, but if you have trouble use 1/4" for tight curves.  Make sure your blank is blown off really well, dust free.  You can use a rail marker to get a line started.  If I were doing it;  I would just start at the nose and pull a tapered line from there at both sides.  Measure along the line and check both sides for accuracy.  Looks like you would be going from 2" thru zero at the tail.  Likewise for the bottom or for deck only, tape along the rail apex.  Press your tape down with a razor blade.

^^^ read the above 3x and pay attention to what the man said: narrower tape, dust free foam, high quality tape, and really press the tape down to get maximum adhesion and to prevent leaking or seeping.   Applies to taping for cut laps, too.  


This is a foundational skill.   Learn it, know it, live it.   

For gentle curves like the OP is trying to do I prefer using 233+ in 1.5".  The 1.5" tape makes it easier to create a fair line versus narrower tape.  Its easier to wind up with a wonky line using narrower tape.  If I get into an area where I need a tighter bend than the tape wants to make I just slit the tape lengthwise on the fly and bend the first strand to my line and then work the second strip in.

You don’t have to slit tape if you use 1/4" or 1/2".  It’s called pullin a good line.  The wider the taper the harder to curve.  I 1/2" is a good all purpose width, but not good for pulling nice curves.