Help with 11' longboard template

I’m planning on shaping something out of an 11’3 US Blanks blank. I want a longobard and something I can still nose ride. Not nesseasrilly an Eagle like Skip Fry with the more pointed nose but more of a rounded nose noserider longobard. Big square tail, 24"+ wide, single fin, nose concave etc. If anyone has any photos or computer templates they would be willing to share as well as any comments to go along with the shape that would really help me out. I just need a good outline to get me going as all my templates stop at 10’.

Thanks to all for any help.




I can make you a larger version of this board if you’re interested.  Let me know how big you’re thinking:





Thanks Andrew, how abaout a 10’10".

like this?

I can post the dims etc. if you are interested.



See if this can work for you.

I have turned a 5’10" double wing swallow twin fin template into a 10’6" SUP for Nalu Froseith, create a ratio for width and length, I don’t remember exactly, but it was .68 for width and .56 for length, this made the “one foot” marks 18" long. I marked the blank every 18 " with a 90 degree line and the template every foot, then drew from foot to foot as I moved it to the 18" marks. The line it created was clean enough to saw around and clean up with the planer. The wings on the twin were @ 5" & 10" inches, 11" and 22" on the SUP

Interesting Jim. I see why you’re the genius, ha ha. I ended up doing basically the same thing by copying a Bing noserider a friend of mine has and working out the numbers for the incresed size. It was a 9’9" so making it into a 10’8" wasn’t too hard (10’8" was what I ended up going with). I also used a little help from the computer to check my numbers but in the end I think I’ve found an outline that will work. I decided with such a big board I wanted more of a pig style or a Da Cat style outline with a low wide point and a more tapered nose to loose some of that nose weight.   Thanks everyone for the help. Bill