Help with Board decision

Hi. I am an intermediate surfer with a longboard and shortboards. I want something that is a bit easier to paddle and ride than a full shortboard and can't decide what to go for. I am around 175 pounds, tend to carve for preference, but like a like a little looseness in the tail. wave size 3ft-1.5 overhead. Basically I want a shortboard but with a little less effort and a little less twitch as i don't get wet as much as i used to. Any help/thoughts MUCH appreciated!

I found this post in the surfshop forum, and moved it over here (general discussion), where it belongs.  I'll post the same answer here that I posted in another thread...


I don't know how much research you're willing to do on the subject, but here are links to several threads that bear on your question.  I'll try to find some pics from the threads to whet your appetite...

That's amazing - thak's for the help.....some weekend reading for me...! Really appreciate the help.