Help with board identification. *PIC*

I live in Oklahoma, and one time while out with a few friends we stopped in at a thrift store. In said thrift store I found a blue case which held 1 6’6" richenberg tri fin, as well as one 7’ or so challenger single fin. Every time I have posted these on the net( and the challenger has always recieved more response then the richenberg. I was told from someone over at to come here, as all my inquiry’s to find out about haven’t really come up with much. I lost the original fin in a lake(hey, it’s all we got here in Oklahoma) as I am a kook and didn’t have it fastened right. Taken a surf trip down to Galveston with it around the 4th of July, was a good time. Possibly thinking of selling it though, but I have no idea what I should ask for it. It’s somewhat of a fixer upper, no real dings or anything, but the writing on the bottom that came with it, well, yeah. Posting up some pictures of it, and any help in identifying it/appraising it would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.

Bottom of board…

Classic single fin, possibly shaped by Bill Caster, a true craftsman. I think Mike Slingerland shaped there too. Check out those double pins! Nice outline. About 1972-1976 I’d say. The airbrush makes me think more towards '76 though. Redwood stringer. The leash was attached through the brass fin bolt. Classic piece of art.

Richtenberg Surfboards are built by Rand Richtenbrg in New Smyrna Beach,Florida.A real nice guy.Go to Eastern Surf mag. and you may find a link. R.B.

Is there anyway to post multiple pictures on one reply? Does the board allow for html? Just wondering. Thanks [smile] Also from a different board, I got this link… But it seems to be dead now. Checking on your link as well cleanlines, thanks. And thanks for the info as well, Greg. [smile]

i think your outgunned for oklahoma

So true! I try to make it down to Galveston when I can, and have been an avid fan of surfing since I was probably 5 or so. Landlocked due to parents, then being to lazy to make it out to a coast, at 31 I am trying to get back on track and start surfing. Been on 2 surf trips thus far, both down to the Gulf, and had an amazing time both times. Next surf trip will probably be down to Galveston again, probably not until next year. Wet suit coming in the mail today. Whooooo. First major surf trip I hope to go to Costa Rica. edit: deleted and removed image. Sorry.

costa ricas great very diverse waves in a small area so there is something for everyone. Nor Cal is great to santa cruz area.from where you are its really only about 8 hours more to drive to the west coast than to galveston. I live in LA and Travel to dallas 4 times a year it takes me 19 hours, however you can just jump on the 40 and go, depending on where you are.

Had a Richenberg twin back in the early 80’s great board.He’s out of New Smyrna there is a link at

i heard some info the richenburg was workin a on a new fin system thats supose to be sweet. just some talk ,anyone heard of this???