help with fish tail

I just started my 5’6 fish, and everything looks AWSOME! but the tail, yuck! actually just the crack, I try to cut it with a saw but I cant get it straight (the stringer is the problem) but now there is a little peice of stringer sticking out of the crack. Let me explain it, picture a regular fish tail, but instead of the crack being nice and even like a V it turns it into a W, but with a smaller middle part. HOW do I fix this? its really pissing me off.


either a dremel tool, or a rat-tail file.

search in the archives for “butt crack” and you’ll find more hints and tricks…

Get a round surform and get in there with it. Ditto Keith’s advice first. Mike

take your time,don’t push too hard. this is where woodworking tools and experience really help.

I use flat wood sticks that are the same size as the stringer with sand paper glued to it…then clean up with fine finishing wood file… works good for me… slow and careful is the key.

Use a very sharp wood chisel the width of your stringer, work very slowly, practice on some piece of wood first to get the feel of the tool, always keep your fingers ON the blade, NEVER in front of it, and remember: using it with the flat side on the wood will make it plunge into it whereas using it with the bevel side on the wood will produce nice chips. Then level the foam to the stringer with sandpaper or screen. Good work!

they can be a hassle/time consuming. maybe thats the real reason traditional fish cause a major differance of opinion…but most of us have one,an opinion that is.

It’s not that tricky with the round surform. I had a hard time with the sharp chisel and small file. Slips and gouges foam. You might try taping the foam adjacent to the stringer to protect it with whatever tool you try. mike