help with longboard dimensions!

i want to shape my first board, but i have no clue what are good dimensions. i’m 5’8, 135lbs, and want the board to be about 9’2 or so. please help with the other dimensions. mahalo plenty! cherish

Something like an 18" nose, 22" wide, 14" tail and close to 3" thick. But it also depends on how much surfing experience you have and what kind of waves you will be riding. Cool handle by the way. Scott

Personally I think that a 9’2" that is 22" wide tends to be too stiff and doesn’t turn well as the rails will too parallel. I speak from experience having had a 9’3" of similar dimensions. The thing felt too gunny and didn’t work well in small surf at all. Once the waves go head high it worked pretty good but it wasn’t a very versitile board. I think you’d be a lot happier if you make it 22.5" and widen the tail a little to say about 14.5" or so. The nose width is something you can play with a little but 18" is right in there. Try and make the outline of the board in smooth arc with rounding the lines as much as you can the board will respond better and will be easier to set trim on as well. I don’t know what kind of rails you plan or if your going to make it a single or put rail fins on it. How you plan to fin it will influence the bottom and rail shape. Good Luck, Rich

I’m 5’8" 140lbs and ride a 9’2" 19"/23"/15"/3" as my smaller board. I’ve got a pintail on it so it turns very well. If you’re into single fins I’d recommend a board with similar dimensions as the width will smooth out your surfing and will be easier for noseriding + be good on smaller days. A square tail would work a little better if you aren’t a great paddler but won’t turn quite as easily.

First of all, I think that your nickname is cool. [smile] Being that you are a girl I would go a little smaller then what the other dimensions have been offered to you. I would go a little thicker in the board. My choice for a girl would be in 17 nose to be able to pull the board around and and still be able to nose ride as long as you gave plenty of nose rocker. I would have a middle area of 21.5 inches, because a girl is smaller in the chest area. You don’t wont to have arm rashes because your arms hit the rail when you paddle. and a tail of 14 so that way you can a board that will perform in small waves as well as head high. I wish you the best, and let me know how it turns out. [smile] God Bless.

thank-you so much everyone for ur help. this board has been a total blessing to me. R u guys Christian? i have been trying to find christians to surf with so if you guys are interested, i live in so cal, oc area is where i mainly surf. email me k, … surrfdaddy- thanks so much for your help, i’m totally new to shaping, and dont really know that much about it yet…so, you said that a 17" nose would be good as long as i gave it plenty of nose rocker…well, not to sound silly or anything, but how do u give it the nose rocker, how do u measure it, and what would be a good measurement? mahalo

You bet I’m a Christian!!! I shaped my younger bro. a 9’1" out of the 9’4"B blank and it seems to be a great all around board. It is something like 17 5/8" nose 22 1/2"mid and around 14 1/4" tail with a pulled in squash tail. It turns well and nose rides way better than I can. I have done a number of boards out of the 9’4"B and it seems to be an easy blank to shape. The natural rocker has worked well so far. Good luck and keep the questions coming. Scott

Hello Surfergirl and Scott W., Yes I am a Christian also [smile] I was looking at the 9’4"B blank and I thinnk it is a cool blank. It is a good choice to pick. I would also check the Walker 9’6" blank. it has just about the right rocker to start out with and would little little shaping to do…which is good. Again take care, God Bless, surrfdaddy