Help with PU/PE gun please

Hey Gents,

I live/surf in Virginia Beach so this project will probably never hit the water but I’m pretending that it will do just that. Been wanting to do this for awhile so I plan on getting busy tonight. A wiamea gun is my goal.

Template is cut. 10’1" 20.75" wide 8" up from center.

Rails - are where I need most help. Went through the archives and only came up with a few bits of helpful info. The majority advise against full boxy corkyness. So, 50/50 near the nose going to 60/40 to a Fred at the back 1/3?

Vee - Slight, 12" before fin/finz?

Fins - Single glassed in wood? Glassed in tri? Placement up 14" from tip?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Going to ask the local celebrity pinstriper to free hand black pinline flames on a snow white gun. Should look total business!

Check your PM’s.

Thanks Bill.