Help with stubbie dims and blank choice

Hey there, new member but I’ve been reading for a while. 

I’ve searched and found some info that has helped but would appreciate some help still. This is my first board for a few years, only built 3 before this.

I’m going to build a California stubby for a friend. The dims I’m looking at are 5’6"-5’7" 20.5" x 2-3/8" somewhere around 17-1/4" nose and 15-3/4" - 16" round tail. Wide point either center or up to an inch forward. I don’t have too good an idea of what kind of rocker, but was thinking around 3- 3.5" nose and 1" or less tail. How does that sound to you guys? What blank should I look at, both the 5’10"RP and 6’2"A have nose rockers that’ll work, but the tails are over 1".  


I’m doing a similar board and went with the 5’10"RP. The blank looks like it’s going to fit the shape really well. I’ll be taking down the tail a bit but keeping as much float in the center as possible. Somewhere in the 21-22" range ala FW Baked Potato.

That sounds like a fun board, cool project. 

I’m going for more of greenough stubbie but with a round tail and single to spiral vee. If I use a stock 5’10"RP and make a 5’7" I’ll end up with over 1-1/2" tail rocker before any foiling. I’m thinking that’s too much for what I’m going for

Jimmy Gamboa…

Paul Gross

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Anymore suggestions for blanks to use for this shape?

6’5a - lop 6" off the nose - the rest off the tail and you’ll be right about where you wanna be… 

If you want less tail rocker take it out while you are thinning the blank. There will be plenty of meat on the bones to do so

Custom rocker on the 5-10 RP,   -1/2" at both nose and tail.