help with the fins placement

Hey guys, I almost finished the board and I don’t know the mesurements for placing the fins. It’s a weirdo fish board.



It’s not the best board u ever seen but it’s my first one made it from 0. I am actually glad of the result. With a preshaped blank i’ll do it with the eyes closed hahaha.

i marked where i think i have to put them but i have no damn idea if it’s right or wrong.

twin or quad? and how big is the board?

looks about right. I would toe them in less, and go  1.5" off the rail.[rear fin measurement] but to be honest if you work on the shape some more you may be happier. still looks like there some extra foam on there. HAve fun!

thnk you for the next one coz today i was bored an the fins are on already.

pico why u say there’s still extra foam? this is the project of the board maybe it’s because of the shadows and because y used different tinted resin. i couldn’t do it perfect maybe the next one it’ll be better or maybe not.

thx a lot

Come on guys!   G'Rat, Pointdog, some of our more prestigious members;  Comments on outline and fin placement.  Help this guy out.  I deferr to "da boyz".

5-6 inches from the tail 1 1/4 inches from rail 3/16 toe in somewhere about their.

Well, in general, I line the rear edge of keel fins up with the top of the butt crack and the tips.  Straight up with no toe in on double foils, about 4 degrees cant and about 1/8the inch toe in on single foils.  Quads kind of the same with about an inch between the front edge of the rear fin and the read edge of the lead fins. But, colin, your board is so ‘unique’ and you’ve done most of it on your own I almost don’t want to help you with it and see what creative solution you come up with.  Surprise us with something really cool.  mike

thank you guys

**rooster ** by “unique” u mean shity right? hahaha 

i don’t know anythin about shaping a board or about how to laminate it. creative solution … all the cool things are already invented.


I like it man....keep going......its your stick outta your own head and proud....most people cant bolt a friggin box together !!



Looking at that board, I say put the fins in the bottom.


What side are we looking at in the picture?


 ... all the cool things are already invented.


Not quite yet.

Don’t bother with fins. That blue tape or whatever it is will create enuff drag to hold you in.

If it doesn’t,  just dangle one foot over the side like they used toat Waikiki.

If that doesn’t work, get a piece of wood doweling, pvc pipe, curtain rod, baseball bat, or anything long enuff to drag in the water like those SUP wave hogs. 


I mean unique.  Keep going, finish the board, and surf it! They get a little better, and bettter, and better the more you do, but it can be a slow learning curve.  Keep the stoke. Mike

resinhead , you funny / silly / sick bugger ....he's posted the sideon view , that's the rocker shot , okay ?!


  colinlG ....


i  should maybe post a shot of MY first board , if you think yours is a bit "shitty" , then by comparison ... mine was a city full of diarrhoea


    like rooster says ..."keep the stoke" interesting to see this finished , what you do , as people have said ...


   cheers mate !


thanks a lot i already put the fins and i think is ok if not i’ll remove them and replace.

Thrailkill ur kinda right coz i never seen interior wings on a fish tail so i invented something, good or bad doesn’t matter.
It’ll be interesting to do a new tread about “the first project (board)”. i also put a fin plug for the Go Pro

Looking at those pics, you’ve got the wrong fins.

You need keel fins(base is longer than depth) and you need plugs that are different than what you’ve got. Is that a single plug to hold a fin?

Go ahead and surf it, if you like it or want to improve it then do some work and change out the fins.


A board like that should have somewhere around 1.5" of tail rocker and keel fins.

MAN ,  that's not a bad job for a first board , i reckon , waaay better than mine was , and probably a lot of other people's here were , too ....


 and the plug for the go-pro camera ? .... GREAT idea, so we can see it in action  !


  looks like you made the fins yourself,  too ...well done !


  a totally self-made first board , you can be proud of yourself Colin !


  i can't wait to see footage of it in action 


    cheers mate




yooo Ben u really made me feel proud of my work hahahaha

the plug is for the camera, this days i’ll put a mini leash plug also for the camera’s leash. 

maybe on saturday we’ll have some waves over here, if not next week i’ll go in the north of spain coz i have some exams and stay few more days to try the “de palo” board.

cheers chippy





the idea was to put lil fins right in front of but now i will try it like this and after the exams i’ll put keel fins.

the single plug is for the go pro camera.

thx for the 1.5" advice hehe next one it’ll be like that. what about the nose rocker?

cheers otis