Help with Webber Afterburner repair

Hey guys,

so after months of lurking on craigslist lookin for a sick deal i finally found a good deal and pulled the trigger. Its a 6’2 webber afterburner. i basically got it for free because i traded my old lacrosse pads to my uncle and he picked the board up for me for like $15. anyways, the board is used bust in good condition other than a few fixes that are major/ minor. First off, the nose was cut about 3 or 4 inches down and it looks like it was done with a saw, not sure why but its no worries, i’ll just make it a chop nose. then it snapped about a foot and a half down and has been put back together kind of. on the bottom of the board there is a patch missing so i need to patch that up. but here are the pictures so i’ll let them do the talking haha. anyways, i dont know how to repair it because it says to repair with epoxy and i’ve never worked with epoxy before. also, as you will see in the pictures the board is eps with some wort of wood laminate it looks like? and then fiberglasses on top of. So where the laminate is missing I dont know what to do… My original plan was to fill the dent with epoxy and qcell but since it has that laminate I dont know what to do. Any/ all help would be much appreciated because I am completely lost. Side note, the brown/ black stuff that isnt neat the patches is just dirt, i didnt get a chance to clean it when I got home, i wanted to get this up as soon as possible. Thanks, Cam


Guys please, if you have any input or ideas please let me know because i really want to fix this board up and get it so I can ride it!

I'd use q cell, and epoxy mixture. sand the dings, fill it up with the mixture. let it cure. sand again to makeit flush. Go with one 4 oz patch of cloth over all the dings that were filled. sand lap lines. hotcoat. sand with 100, 220, 320. then go surf it


That brown stuff is most likely corecell?, meaning the foam underneath is 1lb EPS. You’re going to need some strength there or you will go right through it. I’m assuming you want to do this relatively on the cheap. Do you have some EPS scraps lying around? If that big patch missing is deep, you’ll want to fill it and glue it in with epoxy. Then shape it back down to the bottom of the board. I would recommend at least a 6oz patch over just the area you filled. Then sand everything flush on both the deck and bottom and along the rails. Glass over the deck and bottom with a couple layers of 4 or 6oz, making the bands gradually wider. Sand, hotcoat, sand again. As for the nose, maybe cap it with a piece of glass and hotcoat? Or do a little sanding to make it less blunt (throw in some extreme nose flip while you’re at it maybe?) and reglass. Not as necessary to have a lot of strength there.

the brown stuff is actually some sort of particleboard laminate wood..? I've been looking up stuff on their boards and other GSI boards and the some of the epoxy ones are: (glass - wood laminate thing - foam - wood laminate thing - glass).  the patch that's missing is just where the laminate was cut out so the foam wasn't harmed. I was thinking of cleaning up the bottom where the laminate is missing with my plunge router and then cutting a thin piece of wood to that shape and glueing it in? let me know what yall think.. and sorry for asking, probably a really stupid question, but what's a hotcoat? Thanks, Cam

     Howzit novasurfer, A hotcoat is a sanding coat of resin that goes on top of the lamination layer. Aloha,Kokua

You really need to take this very major repair to a shop for an estimate so you understand where the toss it / buy new one line is.  This is a lot of work, and you can go to here to see what’s involved in a repair such as this:

Rachel, I took a closer look at the board today and you were right, it is corecell, sorry for the confusion. I just glanced over it before and it looked like wood but when I looked a lot closer I realized it was the corecell.

Alright yall, It took me a while to get to it but i finally fixed the board and everything. I was originally gonna put a resin nose block on it but decided against it after askin on here. so i went with a wood block and i love it. i burned in my last name in japanese into it for some personalization too haha. as for the big missing patch on the hull of the board i filled it with q-cell, sanded it and glassed over it, i filled in the small cracks on the rails with resin to hold the glass together and then wrapped the rails. the glassing came out with a dark hue to it but i can’t figure out why. definitely not a great repair but its my first and i’m going to smooth it out later this summer so i’ll put some more pictures up when that comes. but here is what i got for now. I finished it a couple months ago but finally took the pictures tonight so here they are. any input, tips or suggestions are always appreciated as i am trying to learn and get better at repairs. also, any ides as to why the epoxy came out dark? i bought it from US composites and my only thought is that it came out dark because its not a surfboard epoxy so it might not have been made to dry clear like surfboard epoxy?? -Cam

Nice job!  My son has one of those boards and likes it.  If cosmetics are a concern, just shoot it with some spray paint.

Thanks john! Can i use regular spray paint or should i use a specific type of paint? I’ve heard of epoxy paint but im not sure what all that is and if’ll work…

Hi -

Spray paint comes in so many varieties.  I have used the basic "Krylon" from the hardware store as well as a brand called "Porclyn" Epoxy Enamel.  I'm pretty sure most any outdoor paint in a rattle can will work OK. 

Alright awesome! i’ll give it a try once i get home from my internship and let you know how it goes, thanks for the info