i have just shaped a 6’10" short board. but…it is only 18 1/2 inches wide, and looks a little thin… does this matter? i spose itul widen a bit when i glass it. i bloody hope i can ride it when i’ve finished

I can only hope that you are not serious. If not, then depending on how much you weigh and where you surf, you could have spent a lot of time on something you won’t be able to ride. Even if you can’t ride it, it was not a total waste of time because you now have a frame of reference to work from in the future. You could always give it to a grom as a mini gun.

urm, bugger, i am serious. im 11 stone,so it might be ok? I HOPE!??? it better be, jesus, it took hours to shape, it does look opk i spose