Herb and The Creature *PIC*

Herb, Thanks for the info. My board is 6’4 and blue. 18" double wing bat tail. Iam sure it will work well at a place near Topanga Point that is usually slow and longboardable. SteveA

…Creature rides them in more lined up sucked out stuff( big,lower tide,incoming swell).Seal river is more known for it slow easy wave set-ups,but it is an ever changing wave. Tides and swell direction can turn this kiddie/old man’s pool into a Kirra point wave with little margin for error.especially on takeoffs.The wave(s) will come in out of deeper waters, big and slow with a healthy out going river flow,and hit a sand bar about waist to ankle deep.I’m sure you can image the rest. … Not to say it won’t perform in small slow/mushy waves,but try it at Topanga on a good incoming swell day rather than Sunset, you’ll find it will work better.Herb

Herb, I really thought the opposite would be true. Thanks for the good info. SteveA

…Check the fin set,the trailing edge is like 1/2"(if that) from the rail,add that to a quickly pulled in tail just behind the fins and a needle nose it makes for one fast turning stick.Herb