Herb Spitzer - Glassing a fish

Herb, Am ready to glass a fish - old style 10 1/2" tip to tip - and am a bit leary about the laps in the crotch. So, instead of winging it, I was hoping you might have some tried and true tips on cutting the cloth for a clean lay-up top and bottom. Looked in the archives “glassing a fish” but came up with nothing specific. Any help is appreciated. Pete

…your laps should be a inch or so over the bottom edge,pull it down flat and tight.CUT the center staight up the center ,this will give you a 45 degree angle on the laps.Next cut your tips at 45 degrees, this will make for a nice fold over the tips.Always patch the center with a 1"x 4" strip.his will cover any bare areas.Also patch the tips if they have exposed areas.Remember pull tightly to avoid air bubbles.Herb

Herb, Thanks for the reply…the strip in the center was the missing link. Thank you - Pete