Herb Spitzer

Cock smoking, ass bandit

Ambrose… Knob jockey, chocolate cowboy, wannabe mutha

who cares? enjoy your hobbies i say.

This place needs a moderator!

Drop the bullshit,herb’s a genuine person who dedicates his life helping others.I’m proud to know,and share information about surfing with him.On any given day,he can kick ass on anybody,in and out of the water.Most of all he’s a family man with good morals,and is respected by just about everyone on the pro curcuit and in the industry.You must be a little man for being so jealious and lashing out at him.K

The word “Gospel” means Good News. I think you need to change your name. Or give us your real name. Herb freely shares loads of relevant information on this website, and there are many appreciative people who benefit from it. This poster is like a bad smell: can’t wait for it to go away. Doug

Absolutley! You’re wasting your life. Try doing some good, anything- Join the Peace Corp, pick up trash or something.

Herb is the man. I can’t wait to read his posts. Don’t mess up such a good thing by trying to bring it down to your gutter level

gospel is kook with turets syndrome.

Gospel, please go away

Hey poster calling yourself ‘Gospel’… me, and likely a lot of other users, find those posts real offensive. And if you found that you couldn’t be crude enough by the slurs and mudslinging, you could have at least picked a different username than one that trashes anyone who follows the Christ or reads a Bible. Herb is human just like you and me, and if you got differences with him, please sort it out just with him and don’t throw this garbage onto an otherwise great site. For the record, I don’t understand everything that Ambrose posts, but hey, interpreting poetry and literature was never a strong point in school. Don’t burn him just because he posts good, clean, if somewhat hard to understand, stuff on this site. At least it is related to surfing, not just a stream of trash talk. Please keep it clean and fun and centered around boards, and stop ruining this site for all of us.

Herb’s the man. Helped me out with a grip for my planer.Hey Herb have you got any more of those grips for the front of the planers.I could use another.Thanks in advance, Brian.

Why don’t you tell him that to his face?? If you don’t know him, I’ll point him out to you. I’m really easy to find. Look for a 6’, 190 lb., blond, heavily tattooed, fairly scared up, goofy foot, REALLY GOOD FRIENDS with Herb. I’ll point him out to you! http://www.hdxsurfboards.com

Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity. Get a life and go surf fool. I’m sure Herb has already forgot you fool. So get over what ever twisted your pantys up your ass. Herb was here before and will be here after as a Big Part of Swaylocks…