Herb : Whatelse besides Krylon...

Herb, How about spray-can lacquer or anything else it does a better sealing job? I cant find Krylon in here. I used to spray can lacquer on repainted board, the probem is it could not last long and easily be scratched. Regards, Crabie

There are many suitable products, Diamond Coat Varithane, Break Through, any commercial water based clear coat or VOC clear coat, but a spray set up and compressor is needed.

…That pretty much says it all!Herb

I got the tip a few weeks back, UPOL #1 clear automotive laquer works great. It comes in spray cans, its really to use and it buffs out really nice. It’s a 2 part mix in the can so for all intent and purpose it’s tough like gloss coat when it kicks. It’s more cost effective too. -Jay