what do you make your backing pads out of?

…After 12 years or so…My big long time secret is out!(lol). …I use those hi-density foam,kickboards.They usually come in yellow,blue,pink or ,orange.I buy them this time of year till the beginning of the summer.It’s killer foam for sanding pads(about 1-1/4"thick). …I use Shoe goo or clear neoprene glue for my bonding. …For my standard soft pads,I use a cloth backed nagahyde for the surface of the pad, over the kickboard foam.It gives it a nice soft texture,and compliments the foam. …Medium pads,I use a clear plastic draw sheeting from Ikea for my surface material.It’s clear,soft and flexible,w/some backbone to it.The texture of the sheeting is this raised, flat dot pattern,surface,making it more aggresive in sanding. …I’ll leave you with that to absorb before we go on to the supersofts,and med/hard pads.Herb

OH, that’s so good…I got a few in the attic from when my wife was a swimming instructor! do you glue a nut in the back or counterbore a hole for a flange nut over the top? clear plastic draw sheeting? don’t know what that is, what’s its intended use?

You can also contact companies that manufacture the inner, mid and outer soles for athletic footwear, i.e. EVA in various densities, as well as carbon rubber. The last time I did this, I received a big box of 12" x 12" samples! Enough to last for years of experimenting. All for FREE…

…I use either old bases from various pads,or cheap generic hard rubber ones from H.F.(OR from wherever).I put the nut,collar and rubber pad together first(it should come with a collar and nut,when you buy the pad),fill the hole with whatever,shoe goo works well for this,as well as my old socks n stuff.After that, I just glue my foam with more shoe goo,place it foam down,tape it in place,and let dry. …the drawer sheeting is just that,to line drawers with…this particular stuff is made for “just” Ikea…and it’s made in the Chech republic.Tom Sterne got some from me a while ago, now you know what I do with it Tom(or at least one of the things I do with it).Herb

what did you say to these folks to get the samples?

…I have a large industrial street in my area that is just upolstery and mattress related.This includes the extruding companies that make the foams.I just inquire about foam,and tell them what I do with it(dress kind of bummy)and they throw you all the scraps you can haul. …When I get home,I love to dig thru the different materials that I get,that is right up to the point of figuring out where I’M GOING TO PUT THE DARN STUFF!!!Herb