To whomever cares, I have an internet stalker that is screwing with me. Just go to the Harbour website and look at all the slingblade is a fag garbage, slingblade jr. ect. that this imposter has posted. I wish Mr. Paler could clear my name by checking my IP address or something. I am getting sick of this crap. Anyone can post under any name and post what ever they want. Without having to log in like on Harbour website, I am helpless vs this imposter. I think Herb is a rad dude, and I would never say anything to insult him. I have people posting as me in the longboard.net website as well. I wish I could do something to prevent this from happening. To Mr. Spitzer, I hope that you can ignore this assholes post and keep in mind that I have tons of respect for you. When I wanted to start shaping, Herb was going to donate some shop vac hose and what ever I needed to get started. I even talked with Herb on the phone, and traded emails about getting started. Herb is the most generous person I can think of. I am sick of this BS!! I once posted that I didnt think Herb could air higher than Taj Barrows, and this mess started with people trying to throw logs on a cold coal. Please if you dont believe me, go to the harbour website and look at all the "slingblade is a fag, slingblades mom is a slut, slingblade is a bitch posts. Sorry Herb. This is getting out of hand. I think I will trash the slingblade nickname and just start over. I think if I used my real name, it would look even worse. one thousand apologies to Herb. I hope you are not upset with me for this fake post. Sorry to Mike Paler for this mess that stems from a childish person from the Harbour website. Mike

…Thanks for clearing that up.Lets get together soon and surf!Herb …ps.You can register your new or old name here and on Harbour’s site which I believe you have done there already,and no one else can use that name other than you.

thanks Herb, Id love to. I put a password on my name here…not sure if that will do anything.

mike-ass bitch. bark bark.

Real Slingblade (and everyone else) create a profile and you name above every post will turn into a link to the profile. Add anything you want to describe yourself, even a few blank spaces. Rob Olliges