Here I go again, scrap architectural foam board.

Making a rubbish board for “someone else” for the first time. Although im basicly making changes to the shape I would like to try.

Got foam from the same lot as the last one. They need cleaning up and the sides sanded to creat a flat surface to bond.

Found some lovely dress grade western red cedar in a skip bin around the corner from home. A residential build. I had them machined. so i have 4 epic stringers, 3 at 11mm thick and one at 15mm.

Tweaking the design on Shape 3D. Lenthened out to 5’9" from 5’6", thinned out the tail and nose profile (I left the last one a bit thicker to see how the glued foam would hold up), increased the rocker by a smidge nose and tail. Its still pretty flat.


Good Man




I’m guessing that you’re spacing the stringers out between the foam? What type of glue gets used for this?

The plan for this one will be to just have a single stringer in the center.

There are many types of glue you can use. if you search for some of my other threads you can see some examples of the glue there.

Its the same stuff many blank companies use to glue the stringers in.





Ok, thanks. Will have a search through your other stuff (If I can find out how to search them out - seems a bit tricky!)

Hey Stew. The glue to use is a foaming PU glue. In the states gorilla glue is the most common. Used in other parts of the world for a long time. Not sure why sk8 would not simply list the glue he used for ya. 


Nice one - thanks! Seems the search function is messed up so would have taken some sifting to work it out!


I’ve seen folk use foaming gorilla glue for woodwork but not tried it yet myself - a good excuse to try it!

A word of warning with the gorilla glue. It does work very well, however it can be a pain to sand. Watch out for foam that starts to dip along each glue line when sanding.

Gorilla Glue makes a white glue that dries clear.   I have good luck with it.  Use liberally.  Also there is a glue by the name of “Roo Glue”.  Made right here in Oregon.  Neither Marko nor Millennium wanted to tell me what they use, but it sets fast.  About 45 minutes.

Sorry i havent been able to get to the site.

Yes its foaming PU and yes it can be an issue to and, especially when you put 5-6 glue joins in. but if it was easy everyone would do it!