Here it comes!!!!!

Oooooooooooooh man do we have a couple of good summer swells coming out direction. That is if you live on the gulf coast. Last week we got a good swell from hurricane dennis and yet on this rare occasion we are going to have another hit off the probably early next week.

If anybody lives on the gulf coast or is close lets make our predictions to see who is closest. I believe it is going to hit the yucatan peninsula and then go on to hit lower texas. If so South Padre would be off the chart and Galveston would be kicken also.

Good luck to all and good wishes for nice swell. Ty

just me …but I learnt long ago that hyping a swell , or photos , or video footage will 9 times out of ten lead to extreme disapointment … [sometimes even a mild ‘surfer’s depression’ ]

West Australia , where I live , is promised these swells nearly everyday in winter [now] by the weatherman.

But , as with the initials of our vast state , I prefer to “Wait Awhile” …all will be revealed shortly ! [Even hearing the surf throughout the night doesn’t guarantee GOOD waves in the morning here …wind , tide , banks , swell direction …they all play a big part in the equation here …I’m sure it’s no different world-wide] .

I don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm F1Racer , I’m just saying it is prudent to wait and see what transpires . [That way , from a selfish point of view , I don’t attract crowds because I’ve talked it up unneccessarily . Face it , don’t we all enjoy getting fairly empty good waves ?]


Well hopefully this wont be the case but if it is, there is always another day and another wave.


good philosophy mate …and your quote says it succinctly too …

I hope you DO get some quality and relatively uncrowded… does that happen in your neck of the woods much .

[Here , when there IS quality to go with the size , EVERYBODY comes out of the woodwork .]


To answer your question i would have to say that to have overhead swell would have to be a 4 time a year thing. And to have it during the summer months would be a very rare thing especially 2 weeks in a row.

We had overhead from Dennis and to have it from Emily would be a privilage that i would love to participate in.


Howzit Formular 1, Unfortunatly you guys sometimes pay a big price for those overhead swells, um Hurricane. Aloha,Kokua