Hey Ambrose,WildDog................................

Yep, That spots ok but if you hike a little east I think good spot. Jeff and Nick do tow- ins in front of there place in molua (I dont know the correct spelling) DR

Howzit Dronai, Now I know where you mean, It's a deep water wave that can be a little difficult to figure out the line up if you're not used to the place.Aloha,Kokua


let me ask you this…

…does your vehicle drive faster than 75mph?


…Yes,then why do you need that vehicle?

Transportation, i live 2.5 hours away from nearest surf, need to get to my job/school, etc.

…we should ban all vehicles that have more than 2 cylinders and drives faster than 75mph.

No, we shouldnt but we should heavily enforce drinking and driving and speeding (which in my province, we do. Ya people still die and obviously without cars there would be far less deaths but the thing is, car accidents are accidents. Not many people do kama kaze missions in their cars that im aware of.

…And while we’re at it ,it should only come in the colors black or white.

Well, I dont think the color of cars is killing people. But hey, sure.

…After all driving is a privilege,not a right.

Yes it is and that right can and will be taken away if you abuse it. In this day and age having transportation is basically a necessity. Having a gun isn’t. At least not where I’m from. I don’t need a gun to protect myself because hardly anyone else has a gun. I have two rottweilers who would probably hardly bark if someone came in the house, but the “beware of dogs” sign does the trick.

We’re not scrounging for deer and rabbits or fighting for freedom on this continent, are we? I mean I hope its not that bad down in the best country on planet earth?

…Gun ownership is a right.

Yes it is down there, but it shouldn’t be.

…Better yet,let’s jump on the senator’s bandwagon and ban all guns to private citizens…that way only she’ll have a gun in her purse.

Anything other than a hunting rifle should not be in a home. It’s not a bandwagon I’m on man its the logical choice.

…the antigunners just don’t want sporter/assualt type firearms…they want them ALL!!!

I’m an “anti-gunner”, and I’m fine with hunting weapons. Also thanks for the extra exclamation points I didn’t really know what you meant but the rest of them cleared it up for me.

…So,when CAN we pick-up your car,and guns ?

You cant pick up my car. I don’t have a gun and I never will so you cant pick that up either.

…To me a firearm is in the same line-up as a automoble…

I don’t even know what to say to that.

…they’re beautiful,functional,and a mechanical wonder.

Beautiful? sure. Functional? obviously. People are dying every day. Mechanical wonder?

Yes, but so are nuclear bombs and land mines.


…by-the-way…before you say bla-bla-bla about guns,Vehicles kill more people daily,than firearms in this country.Herb

Key word: car accidents, Herb.

Sorry if I’m coming across as an asshole, thats not my intention, I just can’t believe that you believe all that. If I truely thought that my family and I were being threatened every day by someone breaking into our house with a gun, I would move. Or, do my best and attempt to help create a place where less people have guns and less people have the need to steal/assault.

down there ?..,we surf to a different drum that plays the tune in syncopation with the eb and flow of actual surf.we have more to fear from the raging winter rain flooding thtose places not equipt to drain the heavy water,the passiion of the exsistance of wepons is and age old facination pro doesn’ exist without the con … lest you bust a vessel … breathe deep and dont take the gun driving … ambrose …it might go off


…When the govt. comes to collect something you love,don’t bitch about it. Herb

…I brought my life back from the depths of hell…Ice-T