hey check this clip



couple of Venezuela living in California having a glassing company and the story by the gal.

Bueno para ella.

Si, pero ella es una bebita lloron!  Waaaahh!  I shoulda done this and I shoulda done that.  Man up, lady!

Most people end up feeling like her, I think. At least she is man enough to recognize it, say it, and hopefully, do something about it.

Lilli is is an excellent glosser and a wonderful mother. Every board I paint that get’s a gloss is glossed by her. She would probably get work at other glass shops if only her command of English was better.

Chelu is a great guy, but his wife is doing nothing, but complaining in this video.  Like she is going to go out and get a job at another glass shop when they own the one she’s at; I am not buying it.  Poor guy probably went to Venezuela to get away from her complaining, and told his sister to cover for him.  

Never work with your immediate family in this business, they’ll blame you for everything bad that happens and always want special treatment.  Especially your kids or spouse. 



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His wife wants her own identity after years of raising children… Nothing unusual about that… She lays out some fine hot gloss coats, without any problems…

She’s on par with any gentleman… I got the impression she was really stoked with her board finishing skills… From what I saw on the video, she handled a large hot coat /gloss coat brush better than most…

In the USA, in general, if your good and their is a market for your skill then you can get a job for that skill. With the exception of a few dinosaurs it has very little to do with gender.  Business people are in it to make money. Cute kids.  We all make compromises and sacrifices to be with the people we love and decide to build a life with… I liked the part with the lipstick the best. Mike

Calling INS !!! Check for Green card please !!!! OH sorry can't do that ,not allowed to profile !!!

Oh ,sigh…

I remember the plus one girls.

Now there were some great glassers.

thank you george them was the days

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women,and we dint hear the words.

yes spanish is one o’ the

romance languages.

will the all girl shop have bitchin’ ads?

you bet…It could be the return

of domesticly produced surfboards.


I don’t think you watched the same video as me. You’re full of it (IMO)

Poor Chelu, maybe she can open her own shop, and she can hire herself.  Oh, she has her own shop already, but can’t get a job, at another shop because she’s a woman.  She’s a woman in a field of men who resent her- yeah right. Pobrecita ella, no pueda hallar una puesta porque de los hombres que hacen los tablas.  No lo creo de esto. Si ella aprende ingles pienso que es mas facil para su familia en mundo de San Clemente surf.

living in the USA

california the

promised land.


All girl factory?

Put in your order

In time they will be all women

making the best boards.


nice vid clip.


How long can 

we be P.C.

…I put this link to see that there are women working in the industry in the glassing department; at least brushing hot coats. I know about other one in California, I think Maria is the name, that works with Epoxy resin.

Leslee at Fatty Fiberglass posts here on occasion and does fantastic glass work PE and Epoxy

I asked Chelu yesterday about the video. He was surprised that I’d seen it, and that is was on YouTube. Apparently, the video was done by a friend of Lilli’s, who was taking video production class at a Junior college, and this was her final assignment for the class. It was the first he’d heard that the girl had posted it on YouTube. He was amused when I mentioned the some comments made on this thread.