Hey GHunt

i was wondering how much your boards weigh. roughly a 9’8 noserider. thanks, austin.

Austin, I’ve never actually weighed one, but probably should someday. The extra wood & heavier glass make for a pretty heavy log by today’s standards but not as heavy as boards you see glassed with double 10 top & bottom - Kokua, try not to laugh. Double 10 oz… WHAAAA???

no laughing matter…good on ya lad… a 30 year board is born …mine weighs 37lbs and carries through turns and glides to the beach and the ding in the tail?.. I haven’t patched it for a year an it aint brown…go ghunt…ambrose…at the bottom of the orange juice glass

Howzit Ghunt, no reason to laugh, that was a nice board you had with you when you were here. By the way how did it work over here. Aloha, Kokua

Wildog, thanks, it worked great. I never fail to tear up a fin or a foot on the reef though. Lot’s of fun & I’d love get back there soon. I hear you’re getting some sizable surf there now…don’t get caught inside, paddle for the horizon !!

do you ever come to the east coast ghunt? if so i would love to see these things.

sorry i keep posting pics on accident.

Sweet pickle there, Austin, or is it a dill? What’s the tail width on that? I haven’t been to the east coast since '99. Should do a trip soon. http://www.surfresearch.com.au/00000100.html

The tail width was close to 17. I made it out of a long board i found snapped in half on the beach and we gave it away to a charity surfing event for a raffle. The kid who won let me ride it in 4-5 ft surf. It rode like a champ. It felt like riding on the nose of a longboard constantly.(imagine that) Austin