hey greg

to get a “board kit” (everything to make an epoxy board) from you how much would it be for say a… 9’6ish and how much for one for a 6’0ish. thanks austin oh yea also how about shipping i live in va beach? thanks again

A 6’0" runs about $150 and a 9’6" runs about $250. Shipping is of course extra and that would be by truck.

i was talking to bill frierson today about his boards. he was saying its like two skins of foam or something? i dunno the epoxy thing still boggles me.

He was talking about the molded ones. That construction is different because of the technology they have to use. Custom epoxy boards are built more traditionally using modern materials.

whats the big differences in the way to build an epoxy board? i know you dont work the resin in as much as polyester. do you shape the eps in the same way as polyurethane foam? thanks austin