Hey guys,My second board shape ! help with the polyester resin !

So,shaped my second board,(two years since the first one!)

didn’t have access to my shaping room since it’s become a proper storage bin haha,so shaped this entire thing with a saw,surform and some sandpaper/screen :slight_smile:

haven’t finished yet but i wanted to ask,i’ve got some polyester resin from some shop,but it’s not the Silmar one,it’s some plain local polyester,should i use it? 

i know the silmar one is ultra bright (blueish) white and it remains tacky for the next step,can i get the job done with just this plain ol’ resin?

give me some head’s up haha :slight_smile: tnx experts! 

i’m afraid the board’s gonne come-up all yellowish or something…

Gonne be a 5’4 Twinny ! :slight_smile: (still got a little shaping and cleaning to do:) ) 

Hello; if you do not have an specific surfboard resin, you need to use a “nautical” or whatever clear (blueish if Reichhold too) polyester resin with UV filter and just that. For the filler coat you can add styrene with paraffin. The resin/fiberglass shops sell this just mixed. For the final gloss coat, use this same combo.

Add MEKP in all the stages and no mix more than 1 liter at a time.


Your 2nd shape looks a lot better than my 2nd shape.    Good job.    That board will definitely surf.