Hey Kokua

what’s the bay look like…

reports are up to 40 feet???


 Howzit drew, Yesterday it was Big with King's breaking on every set. This morning it's dropped but since I haven't looked yet I'm not sure just how much it's gone down.But these days when they say 40 feet that's 40 foot faces which would be 20 foot under the old way of figuring wave height. The strange thing is this is the second year we've had hardly no trade winds but a lot of southa nd south east winds. This is beginning to make us think about climate changes since those of us who've been here for over 30 years can't remember winds like this. Last year we figured it was a fluke of nature but with it happpening for a second year in a row makes us wonder if the change is really affecting us this way. Another oddity is the fact that Oahu seems to be getting more rain than Kauai and that's really different. Aloha,Kokua

Having only surfed there once, I am not real familiar with the term Kings. Is this the wave that breaks outside the bay on the far reef?

So if it was 40 foot with southeast winds that kinda makes for pretty decent offshore conditions as opposd to the trades correct?

Thanks for the holla. Wish I could be there instead of in the cold


Howzit Drew, Kings is a deep reef ouside the bay which needs at least a 20 foot swell to break. It's only been ridden a few times by the tow in crew. The south east winds open up more spots to surf in the Bay. Aloha,Kokua

Very cool.

I was there in mid October. They said at the time is was 6’ - 8’ old style. Very fun. Can’t imagine that place going off at 40 foot.

Makes me want to sit at the top of Princeville with a big ass zoom.