Hey Neira, can you work your magic again?

I have no idea how you got that great dimensions diagram off that MR photo I posted up, but if you could do it again you would totally be my hero!

Outline with rocker, and you TOTALLY have to share how you did that, as I would use the hell out of that technique if I had the knowledge/means to do so!

And this one if it is easy and you can pull it off, but mainly the one above.

Again neira, you are so my hero!

It’s all AUTOCAD and 30min of your time

I’ve scaled it to 183cm=6ft

Tell me if you yant it scaled to other length. It’s easy now.

Measurements in CM and [feet]

Seems that AUTOCAD takes:


instead of:


You can easily do it too with the APS3000 program.