Hey Paul Jensen!

I was on the norml site and saw a quote from a Paul Jensen. I’m sure there are more than one person named that but I thought it’d be cool if this was you. Here’s the quote:

  1. paul jensen Says:

    February 13th, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    me reiterate. The Phelps bust raises new questions about Privacy in
    America. For years I have looked for a way to use roe vs wade to
    legalize weed .The Phelps matter is just right for such a Supreme Court

    In furtherance of this I request that any all persons similarly
    afflicted ,to join me now and rid the earth of this anti marijuana
    scourge now .Contact lawyers ACLU etc. to work together to bring this
    action or similar class action petitions now to the Supreme Court

    Im paul jensen

If it is or if it isn’t, feel free to check out the quote and support a great cause. (at least some of us thinks it’s a great cause)


I’m just going to say as I’ve said before, Swaylock’s is a surfboard design foum, and leave it at that…Here I keep my politics out of the discussions…

Oh, sorry if I brought up something I shouldn’t. Your answer is fine with me. But it must me nice to know that somebody such as myself could be on a totally different website and recognize your name there. You’ve become somewhat of a celebrity (to a select few) because of this site. keep up the work you’ve been doing.