Hey Shwuz

I heard a friend of mine, Jeff from Spindrift surfboards, is moving from SC to out your way and has been in contact with and tentative plans to meet up with you. He is an EPS mower and makes a mean quad/speeddialer fish (I’ve been riding a 5’10" of his and loving it), and he is really stoked to learn about vac-bad methods. Just wanted to pass the word that he is a really nice, creative, modest, and fun person. I think you two have the opportunity for some good networking and good times surfing and shaping together. I’m genuinely stoked for you guys.

Here is the board he made for me. Soooo much fun, so fast, so versitile.

yeaaah baaaabyyyyy !!!

"orange and blue ,

go FAAAASTTT in the tube !"

I too am stoked for you and him , Jarrod ,

sounds like a good meeting of the minds to me !

…can’t wait to see what you guys come up with ?!

“vac bad” ??? … lol …did you spot your typo , hackman !!!

cheers and goodnight !


[it’s now 10.35pm wednesday , here in wozzieland]

Yeah, I did trade a few emails with him. Seems like a very genuinely nice guy, and after seeing his shapes on his website, looks to be hell of a shaper as well. Definitely looking forward to meeting him, god knows I could use more folks to talk shop and surf with (in person). Not that I’m antisocial, not by any means, but I’ve never gone out of my way to actively network around here, so my surfing social circle can use all the additions it can get. And though I’m getting dialed on my construction techs, I could always use some input on refining the shapes themselves, especially from someone who has made “a few” more boards than me.

So yeah, looking forward to the meeting of the minds. And thanks for the endorsement of him, hackysaky, good to know I won’t be found in my garage with half my skull surformed off and all my blanks and resin tints missing. :slight_smile:

Yeah man, he is a cool cat, really genuine person. Very modest for all the brains and talent he has. It was a pleasure talking design and working with him on my board. Your gain is my loss- sucks for me that now I won’t have anyone to bum a board off of when I am down in SC for my annual conference!

Chip- yep, meant to say vac-bag… or maybe I wanted to call Shwuz a vac-bad-ass. haha.