....hi 'Kokua' !!

....been missing you here , lately ...


  all good , mate ?


  cheers !



hey Kokua!

good to see you up and about.

I was surfing last weekend at Seal beach, I could hear the boats

finances first,,, fosure


Wish I was closer, I'd come over and give ya a hand!  Sounds like a project, hope you get it all sorted, and rented out.  Take care.

hope all is well in harley town!

    Aloha Ben and Huck,I've been coming on and off the site for weeks now but I don't stay as long just more times. Alot of lurking and a little replying basically since there is a lot going on right now. We just had a long time renter move out and they left some damage that we or I should say I am working to get it ready to rent and get the money flowing back into my pocket again. My brother talks the talk about doing construction type work but he definitly doesn't walk the walk or have any real guys tools,on top of that he is going to cal. for some boat races in Long Beach this weekend and I could give a squat about them. Aloha,Kokua