Hiding Tinted Free Laps?

Used just a little too much tint on the deck and got some free laps and strings on the bottom showing up. Just finished hotcoating. Beforte I gloss, any ideas on how to hide the free laps? I was thinking a posca pen design all the way down on each side. Or maybe taking some posca paint and use cotton balls for a swirl??

As this is the bottom, a standard pinline will look wierd and will also

not cover the lap flaw, unless I want to make it an inch wide. Any


Free lapping with tint looks pretty cool. I did a blue one inspired by Ambrose(I didn’t even come close). What’s it look like? mike

Actually I’m getting used to it! Especially with the little curvy short glass strings. It actually kinda fits with the resin swirl I was working with. I’ll try some color dabs here and there - I can always wipe it off. Btw, can I airbrush on top of the hotcoat, then gloss over? Wonder how that looks over the existing resin swirl. More dimensional aspect?

Or you might try a colored sharpie pen under the gloss. The sharpie will run and bleed when the gloss hits it, it just might be the look your looking for. They come in a bunch of colors, just outline the lap and all the strings.

Why no cut lap with the tint?


Usually don’t need to cut with a very light deck tint. A light blue deck tint will not show up too badly if the bottom is a darker blue swirl. This time I miscalulated the color amount.

I like resinhead’s solution. My second board I pinlined with a Marks alot permament marker. Glossed it and it ran down the rails. Looks pretty cool and I wished I used more ink. I still have the board. When I think how bad a board builder I am I pull it out to see how much I’ve improved. Oh yah, the board looks like shit but it surfs pretty good. mike

run with the look

however it looks try to make it look like you mean it

if it looks like you were tryng to do somthing else and failed or perhaps fell short

it will show…

a thought came to mind,

the old tutti fruitti

gloss.drabble milti droplets o’ color… tint?

finish with the long brush strokes,not many just one pass

slow enough the resin reaction between colors is splendiferous!

the ole tuti frutti started with an opaque base.

using the twist of tints would be an interesting departure…

maybe a few drabbles of white for contrast

to many passes will turn it to mud…


jay bird clark told me the story of 'Jits"? at kbc

as the master tutti-fruitti tech







Lil Richard